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PayAnywhere tablets
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Swipe today, funds tomorrow. Next day funding means you get paid within one business day of processed sales.

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Accept all major credit cards and PayPal at just 1.69% per swipe and $12.95 per month.

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Free 10” tablet, sleek stand with built-in card reader, our industry-leading app, and cash drawer and printer connectivity.

Email or print receipts, add a cash drawer, create inventories and add discounts, tax and tips. Allow multiple users to accept payments on the go 
with secure, encrypted transactions.

A Point of Sale tablet

A credit card

A PayAnywhere device

  • Storefront
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    • 10′ Tablet, stand with built-in credit card reader, and app.

      • Inventory Control
      • Modifiers
      • Create item libraries with product images, and multiple prices for faster and easier transactions.
      • Barcode Reader
      • Add Unlimited users to your account with unique login credentials
      • Detailed in-app online reporting to tell you what, where, and when your customers are purchasing, per item, per customer, transaction history, comparisons, etc.
      • Customers Data Base for email Marketing purposes.
      • Email, text or print detailed receipts that include a photo and product description.

      As low as 1.69% per swipe or dip.

      Monthly basic service fee.

      Accepts all Credit and Debit cards.

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  • 2-in-1 Reader
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      • Free mobile credit card reader and app.
      • Just 2.69% per swipe.
      • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees.

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  • 3-in-1 Reader
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      • Mobile credit card reader and app.
      • Just 2.69% per swipe, dip, or tap.
      • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees.
      • Accepts chip cards (EMV).
      • Accepts contactless payments (NFC).

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Whether you’re looking for Online Credit Card Processing or Small Business Credit Card Processing, J&E Business Consulting specializes to bring a vast list of smart terminals, payment modules and Credit Card Payment Processing in NY. We cover all points of Credit Card Processing for events and highest security modules for both retail and restaurant businesses. We offer all-in-one Credit Card Processing that allow to maintain your transactions with high security data management to make your payment method secure, easier and faster from a single interface.

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